REGAS SQUARE | Neighborhood
Redefining Urban Living in Knoxville Through Location and Design.
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It’s a neighborhood. It’s a district.

Regas Square is the connector, the middle, the new district in a vibrant and lively Downtown. Regas Square is thoughtfully placed within a three block district organically grown with residential, retail, restaurants, pubs, entertainment venues, meeting spaces, a non-profit alliance, and even a winery. What else would you like?


It’s your neighborhood. It’s your community. It’s your palette. What do you want to do with it?

Open Streets, Central St., Knoxville, May 2016
The Bad Plus, Big Ears, Knoxville, March 2015

In the heart of it all.

What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Dinner, a movie, a play, a band? From the Bijou and Tennessee theaters to the Downtown Riviera, from the Standard to the Mill and Mine venues, or just to one of over 70 downtown restaurants, it’s all a few steps away. Even Neyland Stadium (just a 20-minute walk).

Regas Square is built to offer you the style of living you want. Atmosphere, amenities, proximity, all in a neighborhood setting that allows you to play or just relax. The private and public courtyards let you engage with others or simply enjoy a quiet space by yourself. Entertain your friends in your home, the building’s private courtyard spaces, or all around town.

Tennessee Theatre
Henley Street Bridge